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Help us rescue Green Misfits from the bin!

Many plants are unfortunately thrown away in the plant trade. Plants that no longer meet the highest quality standards or that have simply been on the shelves for too long will end up in the bin. The Covid-19 crisis also hit the floriculture hard, leading to a decrease in export. This caused a lot of plants to be destroyed. The Green Misfits Box helps to prevent such unnecessary plant waste. To fill this box, we intercept and set aside the plants we believe can still live a long, healthy life.

The Green Misfits Box is filled with 10-12 indoor rescue plants. They might have a little beauty flaw, won’t meet the highest quality standards or simply didn’t sell quick enough. Since we never know which plants we’ll be able to intercept, the contents of the Green Misfits Box is a surprise. What we can promise is the following: you’ll receive a box filled with a diverse selection of indoor plants that would normally cost about 50,- or 60,- euros. Some plants might have a little flaw, but they will surely be able to live a long and healthy life. All they need is a bit of Tender Loving Care.

    Brought to you from the Netherlands

    The Green Misfits Box was first launched in the Netherlands & Belgium at the Dutch webshop, where it’s known as the ‘Groene Kneusjes Box’. Following its massive success and popularity in these countries, the Green Misfits Box is now introduced at Plantler as well.

    Curious to find out whay you might expect? Have a look at the unboxing videos below! Do keep in mind that the contents will differ per week, depending on the plants we’re able to save.

    Plant care tips: rescue your Green Misfits 

    1. Make sure there’s drainage. Plant your misfits in a pot with drainage or place a layer of hydro granules at the bottom of the pot.  
    2. Check the potting soil. Is it very moist, or does it feel dry? Take this into account when watering your plant.  
    3. Does a plant have a couple of brown leavesRemove those. It allows the plant to focus all its energy on its healthy stems and leaves. 
    4. Make sure the plants receive sufficient light. Most plants prefer a light spot, in filtered sunlight. But there are of course plenty of exceptions to this rule. Always check the light requirements for each plant when giving it a spot in your home.  
    5. Create a miniature greenhouse by placing a plastic (see-throughbag over the plant. This is a great solution for tropical plants that require high humidityThis little greenhouse can help to get your plant in tiptop shape in a few daysAfterwards you can remove the bag. Make sure the bag is supported and not leaning on the plant itself 

    Green Misfits Box: FAQ

    Which plants does the Green Misfits Box contain?

    The contents of the Green Misfits Box are determined on the spot, depending on the types of plants we’re able to save.  If you don’t recognise a plant, or if it doesn’t have a tag, you could check the plastic pot. In some cases, the plant name is engraved in this pot. If this isn’t the case, you could always install the free app Plantsnap. This app recognises plants based on photo’s. In case you can’t install it or it doesn’t recognise a particular plant, you could always send us a photo of it. We’ll then identify it for you.

    How many plants does the Green Misfits Box contain?

    The number of plants varies between 10 and 12 plants in total, depending on plant size. The pot sizes vary between 5 and 17 cm in diameter.

    How many Green Misfits Boxes can I order?

    You can purchase one Green Misfits Box per order. This way, we can allow more orders and make as many people happy with a box as possible. It also has to do with the shipping costs that we have to pay to our carrier per box. We would not be able to maintain the low price of €23,95 per box.

    Could you take toxicity of plants into account when composing my Green Misfits Box?

    Unfortunately, we cannot distinguish between poisonous / non-poisonous plants in the Green Misfits Box. Nor can we take any requests for specific plants.

    What to do when a couple of leaves snapped/got torn during delivery?

    Since part of the Green Misfits may not be of the highest quality, the trip to your home might take its toll on them. This can cause a few leaves to snap or to get torn. This type of damage, if it even occurs, will usually be very minimal and not damaging to the plant. A bit of extra care and the leaf loss will be rendered invisible in no time. We therefore don’t offer compensation for plants that have lost a few leaves during transport.