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Looking for rare plants? Our rare plants stock is constantly updated! Make sure to keep an eye on this page and don’t miss out on our latest finds.

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Showing all 5 results

    Showing all 5 results

    Find rare plants at Plantler

    At Plantler we’re always on the lookout for rare plants. We find the small windows during which they’re available at the growers in our network, and do our very best to offer them at competitive prices. We also keep an eye on new developments on the market and stay up to date on the latest rare plants.


    Before delivery, your rare plant will be packed with due care. The boxes are designed to ensure your plant(s) won’t flip over or move around in the box. The pot is packed tightly whilst the leaves have enough room, ensuring they won’t get damaged during delivery. The outside of our boxes show instructions for the carrier, so they’ll know how to handle them properly.