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Looking to buy indoor plants online? Plantler offers a unique range of plants, including indoor plants, rare plants and discount plant boxes containing plants at very competitive prices. All plants are delivered straight from the grower and are never kept in stock, ensuring your new plants are as fresh and high quality as can be. Whether you prefer all green indoor plants, rare plants such as the Monstera variegata or hanging plants: indoor plants are an essential part of any interior. They add character, turn houses into homes and create good vibes at the workplace. Which plants are ideal for you, all depends on the amount of light they can receive at your home or workplace, and how much time you wish to spend on them. We offer a wide range of easy-care plants, suitable for any plant enthusiast. Some plants will need a bit of extra care, but you’ll find all plant care instructions on our website.  

See a plant to your liking? Have a look at the product page for more information about the ideal spot and other plant care instructions. Got any questions regarding our product range, plant care or just anything at all? Please contact us. We’re happy to help! 

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Showing all 5 results

    Showing all 5 results

    Indoor plants 

    Are you looking for indoor plants to decorate your home with? All indoor plants at Plantler are delivered straight from the plant grower to your home. Buying indoor plants online at Plantler is a fast, safe and easy processcompleted in a matter of minutes. We offer all kinds of indoor plants, from cheap green plants to rare collector’s items. And we provide all information needed for you enjoy your indoor plants for as long as possible. In the description of every plant, you’ll find plant care instructions for that particular type of plant. Looking for additional information? Have a look at our plant care tips! Still got questions? Please contact us, and we’ll get back to you! 

    Buying indoor plants online: is the delivery process safe for my new plant(s)? 

    Buying plants online is a very safe process that saves you a lot of time, whether you’re looking to purchase a small or large quantity of plants. Just find your new plants in our web shop, enter your address and we’ll make sure they’re delivered to your home safely. You won’t need to wait in line at your local garden centre during busy weekends or to clean the car of potting soil 

    We understand many will have their doubts regarding the online purchasing of plants, especially if you haven’t done so before. Will my plants suffer from the lack of sunlight during the shipping period? Will my plant get damaged during the delivery process? Please be assured: they won’t! Plantler takes the greatest possible care in packaging and transporting your indoor plants, making sure they’ll arrive at your doorstep in great shape. All plants are delivered straight from the grower, and are therefore as fresh and strong as can be. A simple trip to your home will not be harmful to them. We have years of experience in this field, which has allowed us to perfect our delivery method. We assure you that it’s completely safe and easy to order new plants at Plantler! 

    Green indoor plants 

    Green indoor plants can make a huge difference to any interior. Not only thanks to their great looks, but they’ll also make the room feel different. It has been proven that the presence of green indoor plants will leave you feeling more relaxed. Plantler offers a unique range of green indoor plants in various shapes and sizes.  

    Get inspired and try new things with your green indoor plants! Alternate small and large indoor plants, for instance, to create a playful effect. Place a hanging plant on the edge of a closet or in a high vase. Create your own plant garden by potting a couple of mini plants in one pot.  

    Strong indoor plants 

    Are you looking to decorate your home with (more) plants, but are you unsure whether you’ve got the time to take care of them? We recommend decorating your home with strong indoor plants. These strong plants will need very little care. They won’t mind if you forget to water them every once in a while, and are usually suitable for both light and semi shady spots.  

    Plant care 

    All plants need water and sunlight, but in different degrees. Some plants can be placed in a very shady spot, whereas others should be placed in a much lighter spot. Some plants can go without water for months, whilst others need to be watered 2 or 3 times a week. What your plant needs, is always noted in the product description. To find additional information about plant care, have a look at our plant care page! 


    Indoor plants, outdoor plants, flowers and trees all convert sunlight into energy. They use that energy to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, and often clean the air of harmful substances present in any indoor environment. Green plants are therefore also known as air purifying plants. 


    Most indoor plants require the indoor temperature to be between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. This temperature is ideal for plants to grow fast and look their best. We also recommend making sure the temperature is constant. Avoid placing your plants in a draughty spot. 

    Plant food 

    In addition to light and water, your plants will need nutrition provided by fresh potting soil or plant food. When giving plant food, make sure to stick to the instructions. Whilst plant food will promote plant health and growth, you shouldn’t give too much. When plants receive more plant food than necessary, they will need to break the excess food down, which costs them a lot of energy. Most plants only need plant food during the growth period, which takes place from the start of spring till the end of summer. 

    4 easy tips to bring your plant back to life 

    Is your plant on the brink of death? You might have forgotten to water your plant several times, or accidentally placed it in much darker/lighter spot than it should have been placed. Whatever the cause, you might still be able to save it from the compost pile with one of the following tips! 

    • Repotting 
    • Plant food 
    • Move your plant (shade/sun) 
    • Pest control 


    It’s often not the first thing that people think of when confronted with a nearly dying plant. It is, however, a very effective solution. Especially for plants that have been in the same pot for a prolonged period of at least a year. They crave nutrients, as they will surely have used them all up. Give your plant a boost by placing it in a new pot. We recommend using a larger and/or deeper pot, to allow the plant plenty of room for its roots to grow. Please note that you should only repot plants during spring! Root damage is practically unavoidable when repotting. During this season, however, the plant will recover from any root damage much faster. 

    Plant food 

    Plant food is an easy way of giving your plants a nutrients boost, as long you make sure not to overfeed them. Whilst plant food will promote plant health and growth, you shouldn’t give too much. When plants receive more plant food than necessary, they will need to break the excess food down, which costs them a lot of energy. Most plants only need plant food during the growth period, which takes place from the start of spring till the end of summer. 

    Move your plant (shade/sun) 

    Your plant might be in the wrong spot, causing it to receive too much or too little light. Doublecheck the plant care instructions on our website, and move the plant if necessary. Make sure you don’t move the plant to a draughty spot, as temperature changes can be quite harmful to plants. 

    Fight pests 

    Pests can severely weaken plant. There are several ways for your plants to get infected. Weak plants are easy targeted. If your plant is weakened due to temperature difference or low air humidity, they have a higher chance at coming under attack from pests. A pest infection, however annoying, doesn’t mean you should give up on your plant. Be sure to isolate it from other plants to prevent further infection. Once you’ve identified the pest, you can proceed to control it. Is your plant infected, but are you unsure by what kind of pest? We’re happy to help you out! Send us a picture and/or video of the pest, and we’ll look into it. 

    Fresh from the grower 

    We never keep plants in stock. Instead, we order them directly from the grower, not until after you’ve placed your order. Once the plants are delivered to us, they are immediately prepared, packaged and shipped. The plants delivered to you are therefore as fresh and healthy as can be, allowing you to enjoy them for as long as possible! 

    Contact us 

    Got any questions, or haven’t you found what you’re looking for? Let us know! We’ll help you find the perfect indoor plant(s) for your home or office. We are always happy to help.