About us

Plantler. The easiest way to go green.

At Plantler we aim to create a green and healthy living environment for every home. We believe such an environment contributes greatly to personal happiness, which everyone is entitled to. To achieve this, we make sure our plants are easily accessible and offer them at affordable prices.

Plantler specializes in the creation of so called Discount Plant Boxes, which offer a collection of plants perfect for every space. Since these boxes contain multiple plants, we can offer them at a high discount. Our other specialty is rare plants. The rare plants collection is constantly updated, offering anything from more commonly known rare plants to new varieties. You’ll also find popular green plants on Plantler.com. All our plants are delivered straight from the plant grower, making sure your new plants are fresh and healthy as can be.

At Plantler we understand that your lives can be very busy, leaving little to no time to green up one’s space. Plantler has therefore created a platform that is user friendly and helps you to make the perfect choice for your home. In a matter of minutes you could find the perfect plant box that will completely change the look and feel of your interior. After completing the quick and easy checkout process, your plants will be properly packed and delivered to your front door at your convenience.

Plantler is an international platform. Our goal is to make plants easily accessible in all of Europe, at affordable prices. We aim to achieve this in a sustainable manner. Our roots lie in the Netherlands, where we’ve accumulated a lot of experience in the field. These years of experience have allowed us to perfect our delivery process whilst building a large network of reliable growers. When you make a purchase at Plantler.com, you can rest assured that you’ll receive fresh, high quality plants that are safely delivered to your home.