Plant pot Riga – P17


The Riga plant pot is made of sea grass. This natural material is dried and braided, resulting in a beautiful plant pot.

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  • Pot size 17 cm


The plant pot Riga made from seagrass is quite special. Not only because you can make such beautiful plant pots out of it, but also because of the growth habit. Seagrass is not seaweed or grass, as you might expect. It is the only flowering plant species that lives underwater. From an evolutionary point of view, seagrass is a land plant that has adapted to life under water. This happened about 70 to 100 million years ago. Since then, seagrass has mainly grown in shallow areas under water, where photosynthesis is possible.

The Riga plant pot is made of sea grass that has been dried and braided. The pot has a plastic inlay, so no water can pass through. The warm brown color gives this pot an extra natural look. The pot has a plastic inlay, so that no water can pass through. Beautiful in combination with green house plants. This plant pot is also available in pot size 12!

This plant pot is made of natural material and each plant pot is therefore unique. The copy you receive may therefore differ slightly from the image.

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Pot size Pot size17 cm
Colour ColourBrown