Transparent Climbing Pole – M


This handy THICCLY climbing pole is ideal for indoor plants. You can fill it yourself with a substrate of your preference and it offers support.

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    This handy transparent climbing pole from THICCLY is ideal for indoor climbing plants. This foldable climbing pole needs to be filled with a substrate of preference, for example tree bark, sphagnum moss, perlite and potting soil) or solely with sphagnum moss. The THICCLY pole offers the plant support. Many plants related to the arum/aroids are epiphytes, which means that they create aerial roots and use other trees as support to climb up. With their aerial roots they attach themselves to the bark of the tree and in this way they can take on a full-grown form more quickly.

    The aerial roots develop in stronger roots in the climbing pole, resulting in morphogenesis ( a special biological process). Thereby, the plant makes larger and mature leaves more quickly. In addition, the back of the moss pole is closed, so that the substrate dries out less quickly than other homemade moss poles. This keeps the roots well moist. The transparent back allows you to check if the new roots that plant develops are healthy.

    Do you prefer a larger moss pole? THICCLY can be extended by adding another one  on top. If you prefer a shorter one, check this one out. Recommended is to water the substrate from the top. Due to the closed back, the water will slowly run downwards. As a bonus: this climbing pole is reusable and made from recycled plastic.

    The climbing pole is 59.5cm x 9m.