Hydro granules


This small bag of hydro granules is a must have for any plant lover. Hydro granules are suitable for hydroponics and drainage, and they also have decorative purposes. Always place a 3 cm layer of hydro grains on the bottom of the pot before potting your plants. This will allow any excess water to drain, preventing your plant from drowning if you accidentally overwater it.

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  • Suitable for All indoor plant types


If you like the look, you could use hydro granules to cover the potting soil in plant pots. This will also slow down the rate at which your plant needs water. This bag contains 1,5 liter hydro granules and is easy to store after use.

When using hydro granules for drainage or hydroponics, follow these steps:


  1. Cover the bottom of the pot with about 3 to 4 cm hydro granules.
  2. Place the plant on top and fill up the rest of the pot with potting soil.


  1. Carefully remove all potting soil from the roots and clean them with water
  2. Wash the hydro granules with lukewarm water
  3. Place a layer of 4 cm hydro granules on the bottom of the pot
  4. Place the plant in the pot, and fill the rest of the pot up with hydro granules. If you prefer the look of potting soil, you could also choose to fill 3/4th of the pot with hydro granules and place potting soil at the top layer.
  5. Poor water in the pot.

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Suitable for Suitable forAll indoor plant types
Weight Weight1.5 liters


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