Variegated Monstera Monstera Variegata


The Monstera Borsigiana  Variegata is without a doubt the most popular plant of the moment! This plant with variegated leaves is more difficult to grow than normal Monstera’s, which means that it has a limited availability. This plant should not be missed in your plant collection!

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Good to know!

  • Pot size 15 cm
  • Height 25 cm incl. pot
  • Child and pet friendly

    This plant is not pet friendly.

  • Care level

    Easy to care for


The Variegated Monstera (Monstera variegata) is a rare plant because of the white parts (variety) on the leaf. The white colors extend all the way into the trunk, and sometimes you can even see parts of the roots! These relatively young plants already have a nice leaf pattern and are starting to produce the first leaves with ‘fenestrations’ (indentations in the leaves). The Variegated Monstera is known for these fenestrations, which is why it is also called a ‘swiss cheese plant’. As this plant species ages, more and more indentations and holes will appear in the leaf.

You almost never come across the variegated Monstera in nature. The white variegation is a mutation that occurs rarely. The plant can only convert photosynthesis with the green parts of the leaf and the white parts (except for the beautiful appearance) therefore have no function for the plant. This makes the plant slightly more vulnerable, but with the right care it will be all right! It is good to know that this plant is a real climber. With this moss pole you can imitate its natural growth habit. This will make the leaves grow faster.

Provide a higher humidity (50% or higher) so that the variegation remains nice and white. We do not recommend spraying the plant, but you can, for example, put a bowl of water next to the plant. Place the plant in a spot with a lot of indirect sunlight. This way the plant gets enough light to continue growing and the variety will remain nicely distributed. Keep your Variegated Monstera soil slightly moist. In winter, the soil should be allowed to dry out a bit between waterings. We also recommend not to repot the plant within a month, but to let it get used to its new location first.

*The delivered plant may differ from the plant shown in the product photos, but has similar variegation.

Additional information

Pot size Pot size15 cm
Height Height25 cm incl. pot
Light Light

Loves filtered sunlight

Child and pet friendly Child and pet friendly

This plant is not pet friendly.

Care level Care level

Easy to care for