Philodendron Ornatum


The Philodendron Ornatum is a beautiful plant with bright green leaves and a nice texture on the leaf. The leaves have a beautiful shine that makes it extra noticeable. It is a rare plant that is not widely available!

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Good to know!

  • Pot size 9 cm
  • Height 20 cm incl. pot
  • Child and pet friendly

    This plant is not pet friendly.

  • Care level

    Requires extra care


The Philodendron Ornatum is a special houseplant. The plant has heart-shaped leaves with deep veins, which become even more visible as the plant ages. Very special!

In the rainforest of South America, the Ornatum climbs with the help of other plants. Although many plants send their aerial roots into the ground, the Philodendron Ornatum is a real climber. For this reason, the plant is extremely suitable for terrariums or paludariums, but it also does well on a mosspole. Both in the wild and in your living room, the beautiful leaves can grow to an impressive size!

Because of its tropical background, the Philodendron Ornatum likes a spot with a humidity above 50%. To increase the humidity, you can place a small humidifier or place the plant pot on a dish with hydro granules and water. A spot with lots of indirect light makes this plant completely happy, and under the right conditions it is a fast grower. Keep the soil moist. It is important that the soil mix is ​​very airy, so the roots have enough room to grow.


*If the temperature drops below 5 degrees ℃, this plant is provided with a free heat pack. This will automatically be added to your order. The heat pack heats your plant for up to 40 hours, so that it is delivered safely even with cold temperatures.

Additional information

Pot size Pot size9 cm
Height Height20 cm incl. pot
Light Light

Loves filtered sunlight

Child and pet friendly Child and pet friendly

This plant is not pet friendly.

Care level Care level

Requires extra care