Maranta Light Veins


This beautiful Maranta Light Veins is a real eye-catcher in your plant collection! It’s a rather new plant species, which is very popular due to it’s stunning veins.

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  • Pot size 12 cm
  • Height 20 cm incl. pot
  • Care level

    Easy to care for

  • Child and pet friendly

    This plant is pet friendly


The Maranta Light Veins, also known as NoID, is a fairly new plant on the market and therefore a popular specimen among special plant collectors. The nickname of this plant is NoID, because this Maranta does not yet have an official name. Because of the almost luminous veins, this plant is also called ‘light veins’. The Maranta Light Veins has beautiful light green leaves, with striking veins and the recognizable dark spots that the Maranta Kerchoveana also has.

The Maranta is originally from South America where the plant crawls on the floor of the tropical rainforest. The plant grows under the dense foliage of the trees, which means that the Maranta can tolerate less light. However, you will not encounter this variant much in the wild, because it is still a new species.

At night the Maranta closes its leaves. Although it is not yet known why the Maranta does this, it is completely part of the Maranta way of life! It is very important that the soil remains slightly moist. Furthermore, a high humidity is recommended with this variant, between 50 and 80%. This plant is happy in a place with a lot of indirect light. The more light the plant receives, the more striking the beautiful light veins!


*If the temperature drops below 5 degrees ℃, this plant is provided with a free heat pack. This will automatically be added to your order. The heat pack heats your plant for up to 40 hours, so that it is delivered safely even with cold temperatures.

Additional information

Pot size Pot size12 cm
Height Height20 cm incl. pot
Light Light

Loves the semi shade

Care level Care level

Easy to care for

Child and pet friendly Child and pet friendly

This plant is pet friendly