Alocasia Nebula


The Alocasia Nebula is a special plant that you don’t come across often! With its striking colours, it looks slightly different from other houseplants.

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  • Pot size 12 cm
  • Height 25 cm incl. pot
  • Child and pet friendly

    This plant is not pet friendly.

  • Care level

    Easy to care for


The Alocasia Nebula is a special plant with striking leaves. The young leaves have a light green color and take on a silver-grey hue over time. The veins are dark gray to anthracite and sometimes have a blue glow. The unique colors in combination with the thick arrow-shaped leaves give this plant an exotic look!

Originally the Alocasia Nebula comes from Borneo. This species is a ‘jewel Alocasia’ and remains relatively small compared to, for example, the Alocasia Zebrina. As a result, the Nebula catches less light in nature. What makes this Alocasia very special is that it undergoes a transformation as it ages. The new leaves of the Alocasia Nebula start with a closed sinus (the space between the two ‘ears’ at the top of the leaf) and as the plant ages, the sinus takes on a more incised V shape.

The juice in the branches and leaves of the Alocasia is slightly poisonous: it has an irritating effect on the skin and mucous membranes. Therefore, be careful if you have small children and/or pets, and avoid contact with the sap during repotting. Place the Alocasia in a very light spot, but not in full sun. Direct sunlight can cause leaf burn. Keep the potting soil slightly moist continuously by regularly giving the plant small amounts of water. By not giving too much water at once, you also prevent a layer of water from forming at the bottom of the pot. Excess water can cause root rot.


*If the temperature drops below 5 degrees ℃, this plant is provided with a free heat pack for shipments to all countries. This will automatically be added to your order. The heat pack heats your plant for up to 40 hours, so that it is delivered safely even with cold temperatures.

Additional information

Pot size Pot size12 cm
Height Height25 cm incl. pot
Light Light

Loves filtered sunlight

Child and pet friendly Child and pet friendly

This plant is not pet friendly.

Care level Care level

Easy to care for