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The Alocasia Jacklyn is a rare houseplant with a striking appearance. The leaves are hairy with a deeply incised shape and pink stems. The jewel of your plant collection!

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  • Pot size 9 cm
  • Height 15 cm incl. pot
  • Child and pet friendly

    This plant is not pet friendly.

  • Care level

    Easy to care for


The Alocasia Jacklyn is a rare houseplant that is extremely popular. This plant was not available for plant lovers in Europe for a long time, but this is now changing (a little bit). The Alocasia Jacklyn has green arrow-shaped leaves with deep notches. There are small hard hairs on the leaf, which make this plant extra special!

The Alocasia Jacklyn originates from Sulawesi, but can now also be found in other parts of Indonesia. In the tropical rainforest, this plant grows on the ground, in the shade of other plants. The Alocasia is easy to take cuttings by removing small tubers from the plant. If you repot the plant, you can see small nodules near the root system. If you put it in a bowl of moss with cling film over it, a baby plant will quickly appear!

The Alocasia can sometimes drip, a process called guttation. This can potentially cause stains. So do not place this houseplant on a sensitive surface, such as a wooden floor. Also make sure that this plant is not in a draft. ​​Place the Alocasia in a very bright spot, but not in full sun. Direct sunlight can cause leaf burn. Make sure the soil never dries out completely and always remains slightly moist. With too much or too little water, the stems will hang, which you naturally want to prevent.


Additional information

Pot size Pot size9 cm
Height Height15 cm incl. pot
Light Light

Loves filtered sunlight

Child and pet friendly Child and pet friendly

This plant is not pet friendly.

Care level Care level

Easy to care for