Alocasia Cucullata Variegata


This special plant is called the Alocasia Cucullata Variegata. What makes it extra special is the amount of variety. This usually remains somewhat limited with Alocasias, but with this species the light-coloured parts of the leaf immediately catch the eye!

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  • Pot size 9 cm
  • Height 20 cm incl. pot
  • Child and pet friendly

    This plant is not pet friendly.

  • Care level

    Requires extra care


The Alocasia Cucullata Variegata is a special plant that you don’t come across often! This houseplant stands out even more with its variegated leaves. This variety is slightly different from other Alocasias; the colours can vary from white, mint to light green. The heart-shaped leaves complete this plant!

Originally the Alocasia comes from the tropics of Southeast Asia. Here the Alocasia grows in the shade of other trees and large plants and the leaves can become huge. So big, that animals use the leaves to shelter under during heavy rain.

The Alocasia Cucullata Variegata can ‘gutter’, a process in which the plant secretes water droplets. Therefore, do not place this houseplant on a wooden floor. The elephant ear prefers a light spot with a lot of indirect sunlight. He also likes warmth, but be careful with a place close to the radiator. The Alocasia likes a moist soil, but absolutely not with its roots in a layer of water. So give a small amount of water regularly, instead of large amounts at once. In addition, you make this plant very happy with a higher humidity. By placing a bowl of water next to the plants, you ensure that you increase the humidity.

*The delivered plant may differ from the plant shown in the product photos, but has similar variegation.

**If the temperature drops below 5 degrees ℃, this plant will be provided with a free heat pack. This will automatically be added to your order. The heat pack heats your plant for up to 40 hours, so that it is delivered safely even with cold temperatures.

Additional information

Pot size Pot size9 cm
Height Height20 cm incl. pot
Light Light

Loves filtered sunlight

Child and pet friendly Child and pet friendly

This plant is not pet friendly.

Care level Care level

Requires extra care