Cat-Friendly Plant Box 6 plants


The Cat-Friendly Plant Box contains 6 plants of your choosing. Scroll down to find all plants you can choose from. You can make any combination you’d like; order the same plant multiple times or create a very diverse box. Whichever 6 plants you pick, the low price of €24,95 is fixed!  

Selected 6 plants? Simply add the Cat-Friendly Plant Box to the shopping bag. Your selection of plants will be shown in the shopping bag afterwards. 

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  • Care level

    Easy to care for

  • Child and pet friendly

    This plant is pet friendly

  • Height Max. 35 cm incl. pot
  • Pot size 6 cm, 12 cm


Most cats will nibble at your indoor plants every once in a while. In some cases that’s not a problem at all – plant damage aside. Unfortunately many plants are poisonous to cats. When you pick any plant from the selection above, you can rest assured your cat won’t get sick if he/she decides to have a little bite. This selection of plants is completely non-poisonous to cats and humans alike.  

By purchasing multiple plants in one go with our Cat-Friendly Plant Box, you’ll profit from high discounts. The plants selected for the Discount Plant boxes cost between €8,95 and €10,95 if you purchase them separately, whereas you’ll only pay €4,16 per plant! 

Looking for more information about the selection of plants shown above? You’ll find general info and care tips on the product page. Simply click on the product name and the product page will open in a new tab. 

Additional information

Care level Care level

Easy to care for

Child and pet friendly Child and pet friendly

This plant is pet friendly

Hardy HardyNo
Height HeightMax. 35 cm incl. pot
Pot size Pot size6 cm, 12 cm
Room temperature Room temperatureYes